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Dusk Till Dawn - Face Serum

Dusk Till Dawn - Face Serum

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 Ingredients: *Jojoba oil, *Castor oil, *Pumpkin seed oil, *Sweet almond oil, Rosehip oil, Apricot kernel oil, Borage oil, **Red Clover, **Poplar Bud, **Calendula, **Wild Rose & Ginger.

Experience the benefits of our Dusk Till Dawn Face Serum, perfect for everyday use on normal to dry skin as well as delicate & mature skin types. Enhance your skincare routine and apply Dusk Till Dawn Serum in the evening, pairing with our Morning Dew Serum for the ultimate all day glow & or just shower yourself in this liquid gold anytime you feel like it!

Red clover is well known for many things but did you know in regards to our skin red clover contains isoflavonoids? Isoflavonoids help slow down signs of ageing on the skin. Isoflavonoids that act as phytoestrogens increase collagen production and add moisture to the skin. They also improve skin thickness, skin elasticity & hydration.  As such red clover is one of our favorite face herbs for maturing skin types.

Borage oil is yet another star in this mix and her is why! When you apply borage oil topically to your face, chest, or neck that is affected by acne, it can quickly moisturize that skin, flush out toxins, and return sebum production to normal levels. In addition to inflammation, this can quickly heal and soothe the symptoms of acne, while also reducing the appearance of scars and blemishes from this condition.

Poplar bud is another wonderful wild ingredient toting all kinds of benefits for the skin, know for its soothing & antiimflammatory properties, being used dating back hundreds of years.

We could go on for hours... this is definitely a house favorite blend.. Laura curated this oil specifically several years back for her and her daughter during an extra cold & dry winter & we have never looked back to store brought body products since!

*organic ingredients

** Wild foraged or  naturally cultivated ingredients

Remember to always do a spot test on your skin with new products before slathering yourself in it!



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