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Forest Floor Remedies

Sterilized Wood Loving Substrate

Sterilized Wood Loving Substrate

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Our substrate are made using the master mix recipe made famous by Earth Angel Mushrooms which contains a 50/50 ratio of alder sawdust/soy hulls and 1.4L of water per pound of dry weight added.

Our Alder sawdust is obtained from Vancouver Island to ensure a safe and local supply. Our soy hulls are from the Canadian Parries, which we purchase through our local co-op

Soy hulls are the seed coat or outer shell of the soybean that are compressed into a pellet. Sawdust and soy hulls are both waste products repurposed for efficient mushroom growth.  Packaged, sealed, and steam sterilized for 18 hours. This base works great for growing any wood loving fungi such as, Blue, Pink and Golden Oyster as well as Lion’s Mane and Chestnuts.

For orders of 10 or more contact us directly as we offer whole sale pricing.

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