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Hawthorn Extract

Hawthorn Extract

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Hawthorn / Crataegus spp.
The miraculous health advantages of hawthorn include its ability to regulate blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and protect the heart, improve digestion, boost respiratory health, relieve the severity of chest pains, improve mood, relieve intestinal infections, and aid in skin care.
Hawthorn is highly favored in traditional and modern medicine for its positive effects on the heart, helping to increase stamina, reduce shortness of breath, and boost energy while eliminating fatigue. With its abundance of organic compounds, saponins, catechins, and other beneficial antioxidants, hawthorn is a powerful weapon against dangerous free radicals that can harm heart health.
In many traditional medicines, hawthorn was used for psychological conditions including anxiety & stress. It was said to improve mood and mend a broken heart. Enzymatically, it turns out that hawthorn may have an impact on our hormonal levels, which would explain why so many cultures of the past believed in those health benefits!
Concentration 1:4,  60ml 
Dual Extract
40%  alcohol
Ingredients: , Organic cane alcohol, hawthorn berries, leaves & flowers, Spring water.

 We wild harvest & process our hawthorn at multiple stages of the year, from a beautiful grove far away from potential pollutants or severe human impact, chemical sprays, fertilizers & run off. We pick the berries after the first frost of winter, blossoms & fresh leaves from spring thru summer & bark from windfall.

The information above is purely for educational purposes. Prioritize your well-being by seeking expert advice before taking any herbal remedies. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have underlying health issues. Your health is your responsibility.
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