A little more about us..

We are a small business owned and operated by Laura (Mum) & Little Mouse (daughter) nestled in the heart of the Fraser Valley B.C. Laura started out our her holistic journey years ago after moving to Canada from Northern Western Australia. An inquisitive nature, loads of studying, playing around, foraging & formulating all kinds of concotions quickly became more than a hobby. Our remedies started out intended just for us & our close circle, however we quickly began to run low of all of our favorite remedies & body care products, all the while trying to keep the ever growing list of interested friends & family stocked up! Fast forward 10 (ish) years & here we are, still at it! Only now we have bigger baskets and more to share! We frequent our tried and true foraging areas to wander & observe throughout B.C each year, carefully tending to & mindfully harvesing from the land, bringing only the freshest of herbal & fungal ingredients back, then carefully preparing them to be made into all kinds of fun & functional products for you. What we're unable to find out in the wild we cultivate back on our farm in Langley using no sprays, chemicals or any other kind of nasties! From extracts to infused oils, baths salts to kitchen salts, we offer a diverse selection of products to you didn't know you wanted!!

Laura's passiona and outside work as a mycologist & has allowed for deep admiration for fungi, both in the wild and at the farm. This extends to a full line of mycological supplies, cultures, ready made kits & more available in our store, suitable for at home growers all the way up to commercial wholesale accounts. Along side these we also offer myco related consultations and classes scalable to any group or size. Whether it's identifying mushrooms in the wild or cultivating them at home, we have all your mushroomy needs covered.

Don't forget, thanks to the vastness of our apothecary, we often have exactly what you are searching for, even if it's not listed on our website. Please feel free to reach out to if your after something specific of for herbal consultations.